Royal Equestrian Services has become synonymous with manufacturing and supplying of superior quality horse feed products.

The factory is fully computerized which, together with strict quality control measures, ensures consistency of our products.  The computerized factory further eliminates human error.

All our products are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials and premix supplements.

Furthermore our factory is a dedicated horse feed factory.  We do not manufacture any feeds for other animals that could be potentially harmful to horses.

The Royal Feeds product range offers a variety of scientifically formulated products to suit the needs of horses of all ages and breeds and competing in all the various disciplines.  Our product range also includes a few specialist products for horses with special needs, such as the Low Cal feed for obese horses, the Cool Grower for young, growing horses in work and the Veteran feed for older horses or horses suffering from dental and/or digestive problems.

All our products have fixed formulations.  The integrity of our formulations is never compromised and customers can rely on the consistency thereof.

We also offer free dietary advice to all our customers.


  • Royal Feeds products are manufactured in a fully computerized factory. This eliminates human error and together with strict quality control and fixed formulations ensures consistency of our products. Consistent products deliver consistent results!
  • Supplementation of fats and oils is safer than adding carbohydrates and proteins as it does not produce the high internal heats.
  • Contains balanced Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.
  • Live yeast added to our formulas stimulates natural fibre-digesting bacteria in the hindgut and thereby improves fibre digestion.
  • Chromium improves muscle function by reducing lactic acid accumulation in both the faster exercise speeds and post exercise.
  • High in anti-oxidants: Selenium and Vitamin E protect cells from degradation during cellular metabolism, which leads to reduced muscle soreness.
  • Magnesium plays a very important role in muscle function and helps prevent tying-up syndrome. It also has an anti-anxiety effect and helps alleviate stress.
  • Improves Hoof Quality by containing highly available Calcium, Biotin, Lysine and Methionine as well as Sulphur, Zinc and Copper to promote stronger hoof development.
  • pH Buffering with a natural calcified seaweed containing highly available Calcium.
  • Reduces Stress with high levels of Magnesium and Vitamine B-complex which help prevent the formation of toxic compounds produced during physical or emotional stress. High Zinc, Selenium, Copper and Manganese inclusions further helps to reduce stress.
  • Essential Amino Acids like Lysine, Mehionine and Threonine which play an important role in immune and growth systems.
  • Balanced high levels of minerals, trace minerals and vitamins are essential for the overall sound skeletal development of young horses.
  • Improves fertility by providing high levels of Selenium, Zinc, Copper and Manganese as well as Vitamins E and A, which improves spermatogenesis in stallions and fertility in mares.
  • Strong bones, hooves and joints with balanced levels of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium as well as Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Selenium for strong bone and joint development and maintenance.

Our business is run with integrity and pride and our customers can always be assured of our best efforts to uphold the standard of our products and the good service that they have become accustomed to.

The Royal Equestrian Services (Pty) Ltd Factory, formerly known as the Agri-Invest Factory, opened its doors in November 2007.  Well known showjumping champion, Lorette Knowles-Taylor cut the ribbon at the opening which was attended by riders, feed distributors and interested parties.
The two horse feed brands, Vitaline Feeds and Victory Feeds were also launched at the opening of the factory and have since become very popular products in the equestrian market.  We owe this success to the many loyal customers who have supported us through the growing pains and are still with us today.  Without the unconditional support of each and every customer we would not have been able to achieve such success in just a few years.  By customers we also include all the feed retailers / distributors who have been instrumental in getting the feed delivered to the customers and thereby making it so much easier for customers to feed our products.

The success of the factory (and products) lies in the following:

  • The factory is computerized which aids in manufacturing of consistent products.  All formulas are read into the computer and digital scales weigh individual ingredients before it all gets mixed together.  By eliminating the human factor and trusting properly calibrated scales and electronic processes, one gets consistent products time after time.
  • The computerized system further produces print-outs of each and every batch produced which aids in proper traceability.
  • Furthermore the buying of A grade raw materials is vital and this is done through reputable suppliers who provide analysis of their products on demand.
  • All pre-mixes (vitamin / mineral packs) are mixed and supplied by Advit – leaders in the premix industry.  Advit is our choice of premix supplier for many reasons but also because they do not mix any products that contain potentially harmful ingredients for equines.
  • Last but not least is our amazing compliment of staff including Office Manager / Accountant: Karen Jonker, Factory Manager: Marius van der Merwe, Owner: Renita de Beer and all our hard working factory staff.

Renita de Beer:
599756_444374775580888_1518803991_n[1]Renita started this business together with a few business partners in 2007.  Today she is the sole owner of Royal Equestrian Services (Pty) Ltd.  She is a passionate horse woman who competes in showjumping and has been involved with many aspects of the sport over the years. Together with her husband they live on a smallholding just outside Pretoria where they stable their own horses and breed the occasional Warmblood.  Renita enjoys teaching horse owners about nutrition and feeding and helping them get their horses in peak condition.  She finds great satisfaction in seeing horses thrive on her products!

The factory is situated near Bapsfontein, Gauteng.
GPS Coördinates: S 25?57’06.81” E 28?23’41.95”
Visitors to the factory are always welcome!
The factory is open Mondays to Fridays from 7:30 – 16:30.

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