Lucerne Chaff Blend

A coarse chaff mix / cube blend of A grade lucerne, eragrostis, cold pressed Canola oil and molasses.  This product is an ideal addition to any horse’s diet during winter when grazing is minimal and the quality of roughage is questionable.  It can also be fed all year round as a good quality form of roughage in addition to the daily feed.

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    For Dietary Advice or Additional Product Information

    Contact: Renita de Beer
    Cell: 083 324 0494
    Office / Factory: 011 964 7638
    Fax: 086 611 8851

    Western Cape Distribution:
    The Royal Horse
    Unit 3, Block 2 South Palms Centre (next to Builders Warehouse)
    333 Main Rd, Retreat
    Tel: 021 701 0604 / 082 411 0553 /
    072 681 1183
    Contact person: Annie de Villiers