Royal Maintenance

Equine Maintainer Formula

Reg. No. V25910 Wet/Act 36 of 1947
Vitamin, Mineral, Trace Mineral and Organic Trace Mineral Supplement for Horses.
This general multi vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and organic trace mineral supplement is ideally fed to horses that consume less than 3kg of concentrate feed per day, or less than 1kg of super concentrated balancer pellets. It can also be fed as a general health supplement during winter when grazing and/or hay quality could potentially be less nutritious. For horses recovering from illness this product could also be fed to ensure daily intake of all the essential vitamins and minerals.
Please click on the attachment to see detailed composition and feeding instructions.


Ingredients Unit/kg Per kg
Vitamin A IU 160,000
Vitamin E IU 5,000
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitra) mg 300
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) mg 200
Vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxine Hcl) mg 100
Niacin mg 1000
Calcium Pantothenate mg 500
Choline mg 3000
Folic Acid mg 120
Biotin mg 15
Bio Moss g 50
YeaSacc g 100
L-Lysine g 50
DL-Methionine g 20
Manganese Sulphate mg 700
Bio Mn mg 300
Zinc mg 700
Bio Xn mg 300
Copper mg 700
Bio Copper mg 100
Iodide mg 2
Cobalt mg 2
Bio Cobalt mg 1
Ferrous mg 700
Bio Ferrous mg 300
Bio Chrome mg 40
Selplex mg 4
Potassium Carbonate g 16
Monocalcium Phos. g 200
Magnesium Oxide mg 20

Mix into feed once daily or as recommended by a nutritionist or veterinarian.

Ponies, yearlings 50g
Horses receiving more than 3kg concentrate feed daily 50g
Horses receiving less than 3kg concentrate feed daily 100g
Breeding horses / Lactating mares 100g
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