Royal Muscle Builder

Equine Muscle Health Formula

Reg. No. V25911 Wet/Act 36 of 1947
Amino acid, Vitamin and Nutraceutical Supplement for Horses to maintain healthy muscle and to assist with muscle development.
Horses in competition will benefit from this product to assist in muscle building and maintenance. It is also beneficial to horses coming back into work after injury and any horses lacking muscle tone.


Ingredients Unit/kg Per kg
Nuclues Weaner g 6,949.8750
L-Carnitine g 50
L-Lysine g 2,500
BCAA Instantised 2:1:1 g 2,500
Arganine g 250
Avizyme 1502 g 2,500
Banox P g 0.125
Bergafat HPL-106 g 10,000


Mix into feed once daily or as recommended by a nutritionist or veterinarian.
Ponies – 30g/day
Horses – 50g/day

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